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#AskAfrikaAhaMoment: The brand loyalty shift explained

At Ask Afrika's 'Aha moment' market research intelligence Cape Town Roadshow, MD Sarina de Beer combined insights from their latest Ask Afrika Icon Brands benchmark report to isolate the latest customer loyalty trends. Here's what your business needs to know...

By Leigh Andrews 9 hours ago

Study examines engagement boosting on platforms

Rutgers University has released a study where researchers analysed how Google, Facebook and Instagram repeatedly change boundaries between smart visibility strategies and 'cheating the system'...

2 days ago

Africa has the potential to be an economic powerhouse

Both North-South and South-South cooperation in Africa is vital as a critical part of Africa's development...

3 days ago

Peace in the Horn of Africa leads to economic recovery

Horn of Africa countries launch regional initiative as peace dividend beckons, $15 billion investment on the cards...

14 Nov 2019

Putting the 'me' in Africa's media and entertainment industry

Consumer demand for personalisation drives revenue growth in Africa's Entertainment & Media industry, according to PwC's 'Africa Outlook', which is a comprehensive source of analyses and five-year forecasts of consumer and advertising spending across five African countries...

13 Nov 2019

African countries can't industrialise? Yes, they can

Narratives are essential... And if there is a narrative where getting it right or wrong matters hugely, it is the narrative about Africa's industrial development...

By Wim Naudé 13 Nov 2019

5 steps to becoming a smarter target marketer

Dr Carl Driesener, senior marketing scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI) of marketing science in Australia - the home of evidence-based marketing, shared five steps to being a smarter target marketer at Spark Media's recent 'seminar roadshow'...

By Leigh Andrews 8 Nov 2019

Achieving Africa's development goals

Extraordinary Meeting of African Development Bank Governors: "Make the right decision" for Africa to achieve its objectives, says Alassane Ouattara, President of Côte d'Ivoire...

4 Nov 2019

Innovation hub to promote research, protect IP

With the i5 Innovation Hub, Africa University seeks to develop and protect African intellectual property...

31 Oct 2019

The digital dash for Africa

There are three weeks to go to AfricaCom 2019, Africa's biggest technology conference and expo...

25 Oct 2019

Women of Africa: Changing lifestyles, unchanged (core) values

An increasing number of brand campaigns are displaying powerful taglines, featuring women of Africa as the future of the continent. Music to my ears, indeed! However, this story may be only half true...

By Ndeye Diagne, Issued by Kantar 25 Oct 2019

African boom in investment in communications infrastructure

How diversifying revenue streams through technology is driving investment in Africa...

23 Oct 2019

Africa's digital agenda is all about growth and jobs

Achieving broadband access for all in Africa comes with a $100 billion price tag...

21 Oct 2019

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